Transform Your Banking Experience By Opening A Zero-Balance Account

You may take advantage of all the perks of a savings account with a zero-balance facility while not worrying about maintaining a minimum balance. The Zero-Balance Account allows account holders to open an account with no balance and still have access to features like debit cards and online banking, in addition to safely and quickly transferring money.

With no account maintenance fee or minimum balance requirements, Zero-Balance accounts offer a simple and secure way to manage your finances. Opening a bank account online with zero balance, specifically designed for bank account opening online zero balance, can meet your financial needs. This convenient option allows individuals to easily open a bank account without the hassle of maintaining a minimum balance or incurring any additional fees.

You may complete all your banking operations sitting at home and take advantage of several benefits and conveniences with a Zero-Balance Account. 

What Characteristics Do Savings Accounts With Zero-Balance Facility Have?

  • Through Internet banking, you can use this account to pay your utility bills online.
  • You can open this account at Rs. 0 and keep it at Rs. 0 if you wish.
  • Any bank branch will accept a deposit to this account in cash or a cheque.
  • To make it simple to access your account and make payments, banks typically provide free debit cards.
  • Holders of zero-balance accounts usually receive a complimentary passbook from the bank, just like a standard savings account.
  • Digital savings accounts with zero balances include extra services like virtual cards, online banking, no maintenance fees and secure transactions.

Savings accounts allow you to increase the security of your hard-earned cash and receive interest on your held sum consistently. The Kotak instant account goes above and beyond the standard banking criteria to create a positive banking experience.

You can select the savings account that best meets your needs from various options. Account holders using digital or basic savings accounts can enjoy perks like e-commerce and retail discounts and deals. Now we need to know about some of the most reputed banks that offer zero-balance accounts. 

Here we will learn about opening a bank account online with a zero-balance facility.

Kotak 811 Digital Account

You can skip going to the bank by opening a zero-balance savings account online and verify your account using video KYC. Download the 811 application or go to the official website to create a Kotak instant account. You receive a Kotak811 virtual debit card for online bill payments, DTH recharges, and shopping online. You can receive up to 4% annual interest on savings accounts over ₹50,000 and 3.50% on balances under ₹50,000.

IDFC First Bank: Pratham Savings Account

The IDFC First Bank application allows you to open an account, make unlimited ATM withdrawals, and use any of the tiny ATMs to complete rapid transactions. Additionally, you have free use of both mobile and online banking. Account holders can also use this account to make bill payments. You can apply for it by going to nearby branches to simplify the procedure.

SBI Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

It is a BSBD account (Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account), and account holders receive a free passbook facility. Banks charge an interest of 3% for sums under 50 lakh and 3.5% for sums over. Any resident of India may open a BSBDA. All of the features of a typical savings account, such as a free passbook service, an ATM/debit card, free deposits, the ability to withdraw money, demand drafts, checkbooks and email statements, are available.

Axis Bank: ASAP Instant Savings Account

Downloading the Axis mobile app or filling out an online application are the simplest ways to start this zero-balance savings account with Axis Bank. You can register your PAN, Aadhaar, and other details online if you would like. This account, connected to the mobile app, offers limitless NEFT and TRGS transactions. When your account balance exceeds Rs 20,000, you can use their auto-FD option to earn interest.


For people without the means to have a minimum amount in their savings accounts, a Kotak instant account, a zero-balance account, is the perfect banking option. It enables consumers to use various banking services, including Internet transactions and debit cards, without maintaining a minimum balance.

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