Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Shotgun Mic

Are you a videographer looking for the best shotgun mic to capture crystal-clear sounds without noise distortion? Well, Syntech is here with solutions to all your problems. Syntech ensures that you are equipped and well-organized with all of your supplies and rock your recording process.

Get clear and sound voice notes, voiceovers, and much more with the best shotgun microphone trending in the market. This multipurpose shotgun mic can be used for streaming as well as with a DSLR camera.

What is a Shotgun Microphone?

This kind of microphone is typically used in TV and film production. It can also be used for blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos. It is preferred by many artists and videographers since this microphone is portable and secure to use. The shotgun microphone is directional and captures sound in one direction while reducing the sounds from other directions. This allows clear and consecutive voices to be recorded. You can use these to get the most astounding sound experience.

How Do Shotgun Mics Work

Because of the way these mics function, they are usually long and cylindrical. The cylindrical shape allows sound to be recorded from the front while blocking sounds from other places. If you’re new to microphones, you will realize they all look similar. There are a few differences that make quite a big difference. A shotgun microphone works with a high beam of concentration on the sound source. The unidirectional flow of sound ensures less disruption. This is why they are mostly found where more dialogue is needed.

Sound Frequency

Shotgun mics work best in areas where the surrounding noise differs from the one you are trying to record. They do not work in very compact rooms or very spacious areas supporting echoes.

There are different qualities of each microphone, and they separate them from each other.

Rechargeable Batteries

Since shotgun microphone features so many different advanced technologies it is important to keep in mind that all of these equipment demands batteries. The best shotgun mic should contain a type-C, easily rechargeable battery. It should take less time to charge and should be able to provide sufficient energy for longer hours so that the mic can be used effectively without extra hassle.

Syntech shotgun mic for DSLR

Syntech shotgun mic for DSLR

Low-Cut filter

Photography is not an easy task. You need to take care of several things at once so that once you are done with shooting, you can edit in peace. During shooting it is crucial to keep microphones that offer a low-cut filter to reduce handling and vibrational sounds. Mainly a mic compatible with DSLR is attached to the camera and handling of the camera can produce unnecessary sounds. Syntech directional microphone tends to reduce that while giving a clear audio view.

3.5mm Socket

Equipment such as DSLR only works best with accessories that are compatible with them. For this reason, these specifications can only be fulfilled by some people. This mic with a 3.5mm jack fits perfectly into the DSLR controls and can create reliable sound effects.

Budget Friendly

There are multiple microphones available in the market that are compatible with DSLR. However, this directional shotgun microphone allows you to exercise videography with unlimited skills and it only costs $31.44. It contains all the features that are required for a top-level sound recording while filming dialogue, scenes, or sound effects.

Syntech’s Shotgun Mic for Streaming

Syntech’s Shotgun Mic for Streaming

Noise Reduction

Introducing Syntech’s directional shotgun microphone, the best of the best. This microphone offers clarity and noise reduction while providing precise and evident sound notes. It reduces the effect of surrounding noise from high-fidelity audio on the current voice recordings, in result, producing coherent and clear audio. This shotgun microphone can easily be used for streaming live games, podcasts, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok live videos, live news, film interviews, and much more.  


Apart from its deliberate use, this device is compact, versatile, and can be changed to use in various creative days.  Built to perform practically, it helps beginners develop professional pieces with extra comfort because it is sure to decrease handling and vibration noise while recording the exact composition. It contains a universal clip that makes the device compatible with multiple phone models.


If you are looking for the best budget shotgun microphone that offers multiple functions, this camera can act as an external camera microphone with no batteries and is able to connect with other devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack. You can easily use this mic with cell phones, DSLRs, and camcorders. Attain the cost-worthy professional-level audio designed for inventiveness and versatility. You get a foam cover and carrying cases with the packet to protect the microphone from damage and harm.


Syntech is a mic that can be used by anyone and in any environment. The Syntech Shotgun Microphone mic can be used for various purposes and adjusted to capture sounds at all lengths. You can easily fit and capture amazingly surreal sounds for the best video effects and editing. But if you need a shotgun microphone for some different needs, then this above blog will tell you how you can choose a mic for what suits you the best. Dive into perfect videography and filming with Syntech.

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