URWERK launches the Mesopotamian-inspired UR-100V Time & Customs 2

URWERK embarks on another ancient journey with its latest observe UR-100V Time and Culture 2 (also nicknamed “Sumer”). Often the replica watches for sale collection goes into the heart of Mesopotamian civilization, with a special provide for the ancient city of Third, a key source of inspiration for any brand.


Even more inspiration came from the fact that typically the Sumerians in Ur with 3000 BC were the primary to invent the original system of time, laying the foundation to get modern time measurement. Many people revered the number 60, that is certainly reflected in the 60 seconds in addition to 60 minutes we use currently.


In this regard, URWERK co-founder and artistic home Martin Frei explains: ” Through my reading as well as travels, I was lucky enough to find the richness and diversity of the Sumerians. Their mythology was loaded and rich, their architectural mastery Truly timeless. This little-known civilization is fascinating. Due to new work, I preferred to showcase some of it has the signature features: mythology, astronomy, astrology and time description. ” Urwerk ur 100v replica


Encased under a new sapphire dome, ” Sumerian” pays homage to the historical Sumerian gods and highlights a modern interpretation of the sunrays god Utu, with a four-pointed sun at its core denoting the four cardinal things. Nanna, the moon jesus, sits between the lugs, ostensibly floating in orbit, forking over homage to the chief deity of Ur – all of revealed through eccentric facts.


URWERK according to the watch’s blue hue is undoubtedly an ode to lapis lazuli, associated with Innana, the empress of love, war and libido. This vivid color, as well as authentic star maps and also constellation maps, highlights often the Sumerians’ astronomical prowess and the appreciation of celestial figures. replica CODE 11.59 BY AUDEMARS PIGUET


Originating from a technical perspective, the UR-100V “Sumer” is powered by self-winding UR 12. 02 movement with a 48-hour reserve of power. Meticulous laser-engraved design, understated and precise, aims to tolerate witness to the Sumerian civilization’s timeless contribution to some culture. The hours along with minutes on the watch usually are uniquely displayed along with records on the Earth’s rotation in addition to revolution, providing the wearer along with a fusion of history, astronomy and modern horology.


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