Use Personal Loan EMI Calculator Before Applying for a Loan


Are you considering applying for a Personal Loan but worried about managing the monthly repayments? Before applying, it’s crucial to understand the financial implications and plan your finances wisely. A Personal Loan EMI Calculator is an essential tool that can help you make an informed decision. Using this user-friendly tool, you can estimate your monthly loan instalments and assess your repayment capacity.

Just enter your loan amount, preferred loan tenure and applicable interest rate in the Personal Loan EMI Calculator, available on the websites of top lending institutions, and get the payable EMI instantly with a break to principal and interest amount. 

Meanwhile, those with poor credit scores keep seeking answers to the question,How to get a Personal Loan with a low CIBIL score?” on search engines may not get an appropriate reply. With the right knowledge and strategy, getting a Personal Loan with a low credit score is possible. This guide will walk you through obtaining a Personal Loan with a low CIBIL score, providing valuable tips and insights.

Factors to Consider Before Applying for a Personal Loan

Evaluate your current income, expenses, and debts to determine repayment capacity. Consider your monthly budget and ensure the loan EMIs fit comfortably within it. Learn about the significance of a credit score in loan approval and interest rates. And explore ways to improve your credit score, such as clearing outstanding debts and making timely payments.

Exploring Loan Options for Low CIBIL Scores

Research lenders who offer Personal Loans specifically designed for individuals with low credit scores. Compare their interest rates, processing fees, and terms and conditions to find the most suitable loan option.

Tips for Getting a Personal Loan with a Low CIBIL Score

  • Obtain a copy of your credit report from credit bureaus like CIBIL and review the report for any errors or discrepancies that may negatively impact your score. After that, look for lenders or financial institutions that offer Personal Loans specifically tailored for individuals with low credit scores.
  • To increase your chances of loan approval, you can offer collateral, such as property or investments, as security for the loan. Alternatively, you can approach a lender who accepts a co-applicant to support your loan application.
  • Provide proof of a stable and regular source of income through salary slips, income tax returns, or bank statements. This is how you can show a strong repayment capacity. Also, keep your debt-to-income ratio low and ensure timely payments of existing loans.


  • Improve your credit score by making timely payments, reducing outstanding debts, and avoiding new credit applications. Consider credit counselling services or financial advisors who can guide you in building a good credit history.

Use Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator to Determine Your Loan Approval Chances

Familiarise yourself with the common eligibility criteria set by lenders, such as minimum age, income requirements, and employment stability. Be aware of additional factors like credit score, existing debts, and repayment history that may impact your eligibility.

Access an online Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator provided by various financial institutions or loan aggregators. Enter relevant details such as your income, expenses, debts, and credit score to check your eligibility.

Based on the calculator’s results, evaluate your chances of loan approval. If the eligibility calculation shows a lower probability, consider taking steps to improve your credit score or debt-to-income ratio before applying.


The Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator and Personal Loan EMI Calculator are valuable tools for borrowers, especially those with low CIBIL scores. The Eligibility Calculator assesses loan approval chances and aids in finding suitable lenders and options. The EMI Calculator helps estimate monthly repayments and total interest payable, enabling informed decisions. Seeking professional guidance is advised for personalised advice. These calculators empower borrowers to confidently apply for Personal Loans, improve eligibility, and secure better terms. Careful financial planning and eligibility improvement are crucial to increasing the likelihood of loan approval.

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