Here you’ll get to know some of the most interesting facts. If you are here for some days, then you should surely know these interesting facts about the place.

It was the capital of California

The place earlier used to be the Capital Of California and it is the first city of the state as well. The Capitol of California is a two storey hotel where you will find the upper floor to be the assembly and the lower floor to be the senate. Also, the remains of the capitol make the place the site marker and people admire this place.

San Jose is known for its 8 sisters

The National Sister Cities program was set up to promote peace, and understanding. There are different programs that help in cultural exchange which includes economic development, and the sisters are San Jose, Veracruz, Tainan, Dublin, Pune, Ekaterinburg, Guadalajara.

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The art scenes

The art scenes of the place are known to be very popular and is the heart of the silicon valley. There are various art scenes that you’ll find here. The city and the art museum is something very unique for the city. There are a lot of festivals, events and jazz festivals conducted all round the year. the place is well renowned for the jazz musicians and the international films.

San Jose is a place that houses innovations

The place is one of those places that houses a lot of tech companies. Here you will be finding IBM, Cisco, eBay and a lot of modern technology as well. There are a lot of notable inventions that are developed here.

San Jose has restriction on pets

All the residents of the place can house not more than 5 pets and no more than three dogs.

San Jose was an agricultural hub

When the city of Jose was first established in the 18th century, it had a long agricultural heritage. Since San Jose’s moderate temperature and rich soil make it the perfect place to cultivate crops, agriculture has played a significant role in the city’s economy and culture. Grains like wheat, barley, and the oats as well as fruits like apples, fruit such as peaches and plums, were the main crops farmed in the city’s early years. As the city grew and the number of people increased, the emphasis changed to more lucrative products like berries, prunes, and apricots.

San Jose is one of the populated cities of the Bay

San Jose has a population of about one million, which is more than all the other cities in the Bay Area combined.
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