Teeth whitening procedures are commonly used to remove stains from the tooth’s outer surface. The techniques are used to restore the teeth’s natural color. These are one-time treatments that dentists usually carry out. It is a popular and effective cosmetic procedure performed by dentists worldwide. 

With the advances in dental technologies, patients can choose from an array of advanced teeth whitening procedures that can deliver long-lasting results. Right from OTC toothpaste and gels, teeth whitening trays, and in-office dental treatments- patients can expect reliable outcomes. 

However, to attain the best results, you must perform it by a trained and experienced dental professional. Reach out to a teeth whitening company to learn about these treatments’ duration, nature, rates, and effectiveness. 

What are the uses of teeth whitening treatment?

The tooth’s natural color, which is visible through the enamel, can become stained over time, or the tooth’s intrinsic surface dentin gets stained, which can offer a yellow color to the teeth. However, the discoloring of teeth is caused due to several reasons.

While you can prevent some of these cases, some natural causes are beyond your control. The significant reasons for discolored teeth are as follows:

  • Consumption of coffee, cola, and tea regularly.
  • Chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes 
  • Consumption of fluoride in excessive quantities during childhood 
  • Damage caused due to evolving permanent teeth on account of trauma or accident.
  • Aging can become a significant contributor to teeth staining. Over the years, the enamel becomes thin and increases the dentin’s visibility. Besides, as our bodies age, once the dentin comes into contact with beverages and foods, it can lead to stains.
  • Some medical treatments can also give rise to teeth stains.

The teeth whitening procedures make the teeth’s appearance whiter and shinier. However, you must consider that the teeth whitening results can vary from one person to the other-varying as per the severity. 

How does the teeth whitening treatment work?

The dentist will capture an image of the entire teeth to get started, as it helps them plan out the whole treatment. It also helps the dentist examine the gums and locate the regions with maximum stains. 

After a thorough examination of the tooth, the dentist will commence the treatment by cleaning it. Next, the dentist will eradicate the film covering your enamel- the enamel is coated with the food you consume or similar substances. 

The whitening treatment will start after the completion of this step. The entire procedure will take up to thirty to ninety minutes, varying on the severity of these teeth stains. 

Besides, the dentist will apply a layer of whitening gel or agent coat to your teeth while ensuring the gums are covered. A few whitening agents will work effectively when laser lights are shone upon them. In case of severe stains, the dentist will advise you to carry out the process for a couple of days at your home. 

You can also go for an in-home teeth whitening treatment. Here, the dentist has to take your teeth’s impression. Next, they will create a custom fit tray for your mouth. It will allow the whitening gels to stay in contact with the teeth. You can also consider purchasing over-the-counter teeth whitening products that are effective for teeth with light stains. 

Is it safe to go for a teeth whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening treatments are safe or free from risks. However, you can sense a tinge of sensitivity for a few weeks or encounter slight gum irritation. Since teeth whitening treatments come under the umbrella of cosmetic procedures, they must be avoided by pregnant ladies. 

Why should you reach out to a professional teeth whitening company?

A teeth whitening treatment carried out by a professional will last up to a year. Consequently, you should undergo a teeth whitening treatment after a year as it can improve oral health and contribute to a lasting smile. Besides, if you’re willing to undergo a teeth whitening treatment, you can book an appointment right away. 

However, you should brush your teeth immediately after completing a teeth whitening procedure- to attain the best results. You must leave the whitening agents for a few hours. Next, you can brush your teeth the next day as advised by the dentist.

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