What even is a Customer Support Ticket?

What is a Customer Support Ticket?

A customer support ticket is an electronic record created in order to assist customers who experience difficulties pertaining to a product or service. This type of ticket is usually generated when a customer contacts the customer support team in order to receive assistance with a question or problem.


The primary purpose of a customer support ticket is to enable customer support agents to provide a comprehensive response to the customer’s query. The ticket functions as both a document of the customer’s query as well as a record of the customer support agent’s response.


Customer support tickets typically possess the following features:

  • Details: A customer support ticket will feature the contact details of both the customer and the customer support agent, as well as the product/service in question.
  • Issue: The customer support ticket will usually contain a description of the customer’s issue, including any additional information that might be pertinent to resolving the issue.
  • Status: This will typically specify the progress of the customer service ticket and will be updated by the customer support agent to inform the customer of their progress.


The advantages of customer support tickets are manifold. Firstly, it allows customer queries to be documented so that customer service agents can quickly and easily access the customer’s details and their query. Secondly, it allows customer service agents to track the progress of their work and update customers regarding the resolution of their queries. Finally, it allows for the efficient and effective resolution of customer complaints and enables customer service agents to provide a high level of customer service.

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