When there will personality change, and impaired intellectual functions, doctors will say that you have developed dementia. Doctors will also say that one of key signs of dementia is  

While these changes are severe to impact your independence, daily life, and relationships, these changes are not a part of normal ageing. According to reports, there are about fifty million people who are diagnosed by dementia and a new case is diagnosed in every 3.2 seconds. 

While there are other forms of dementia like mixed, and vascular, Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of this condition. When you have dementia, you will noticeable decline in learning, communication, problem solving and learning as well. 

These changes will occur quickly. There will be variation in outcome and progression of this condition as well. The condition will be largely determined by the affected area of your brain and by the type of condition. 

Signs And Symptoms of Dementia

With ageing, there can be lapses in memory. It can be confusing and worrying to realize that something you once took for granted is not working well. While all memory changes do not indicate dementia, the condition will impact more than just memories. 

There are several dementia symptoms like execution of functions, spatial skills, mood or personality, and languages. You will need to experience difficulties in at least in one of those areas in addition to loss of memory if you are looking to diagnostic criteria for dementia. 

There can be severe memory loss, as you will forget events, dates, and changes in your short – term memory as well. You may also give away money, fall into a scam, and struggle to care for your pet. 

While you will find it difficult to solve puzzles, you will have trouble thinking about ideas as well. You will be unable to complete daily task. There will be difficulty in abstract thinking as well. 

There will loss of inhabitations, and inappropriate behavior as well. There will be confusion and disorientation as well. You will be unable to recognize familiar people as well. You will also get lost in familiar places.

You will start to neglect your personal safety and care as well. While you will start to inappropriate clothes for weather, you are going to self- neglect yourself at each stage. Your brain health will be severely deteriorated. 

Causes of Dementia

In a healthy brain, the brain miraculously continues to form vital connections throughout life, as your speed, and mass may decline in adulthood. Dementia can develop if your connections get lost through disease, inflammation, or injury. 

While early interventions can dramatically change your outcome, you will have the prospect of losing your self at certain situations. 

There can be medical conditions, which are responsible for dementia. When you brain do not vital nutrients, and you have experienced strokes, you will know that they are causes of dementia. 

There are other causes like smoking, heart disease, and high blood pressure, which also cause this condition. The use of alcohol, drugs, and certain substances can also raise this condition. Vitamin deficiencies can also cause this condition as well. 

When it comes to dementia, injury to brain, and certain diseases including HIV can cause this condition. The kidney or liver diseases, depression and operable brain tumors are also responsible for the development of this condition. 

Types of Dementia

When you have dementia, you will know that it can affect daily living. There are various dementia types, which doctors will tell you, once you get to the condition. 

While there are more than fifty types, doctors will say that there are vascular, mixed dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 


When you have developed dementia, doctors will perform several types of treatments for your condition. 


It is a fact that no prescribed medicines can cure dementia. It is seen medications can help to slow down your dementia symptoms. Doctors will prescribe other medicines if you have trouble sleeping, depression or irritability. 

There are some medicines that will slow down the brain chemicals in terms of judgement, and memory. There are some medicines, which can control different brain chemicals needed for memory and learning. 

There is certain anti – depressants that can also improve irritability and mood as well. Doctors may also prescribe cerebra brain supplement to improve the condition. 


When you have dementia, doctors will prescribe therapies that will improve thinking and memory skills. When you perform such therapies, they are going to improve the quality of life, and make your day brighten. 

You will not feel frustrated and irritated at any stage. Doctors will advice you to reminiscence therapy, which will help you talk with your loved ones about their school days, hometown, and favorite hobbies. 

It is a part of organized therapy that will help you to slow down the condition in a perfect way. 

Final Words 

There are several symptoms and causes of dementia. You will need to speak to the doctor, who may prescribe few medicines, and therapies to improve the condition. 




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