When making a reservation, Frontier offers two bundles that include some of the previously mentioned chargeable items. The cost of these bundles varies greatly. For instance, the Perks bundle costs $130 round-trip and the Works bundle costs $166 round-trip for a round-trip ticket for a single passenger traveling from Atlanta to Denver on a direct flight that departs in approximately a month.

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What are the Perks package consists of

One carry-on bag, measuring no more than 24 by 16 by 10 inches

One checked bag, no more than sixty-two inches in length

Make a reservation for any seat that becomes available, including stretch seats.

Zone 1 embarkation

check in for flight. For further information, click on the options below!

Rules for Check-In Online: As per the rules you can check in up to 24 hours (or 60 minutes) before the departure of your flight. Don’t miss to print the boarding pass. You can check the details on the  boarding pass after check in.

Rules for Mobile Check-In: To easily check in and obtain your mobile boarding pass, download our free mobile app for iOS and Android. You can bypass the airport line and go directly to the gate if you have your mobile boarding pass with you and are not checking a bag or are only traveling with a carry-on.

Rules for Airport Check-In: Passengers can purchase airport agent assistance at the airport.

Time of check-in Limit: It is advised that passengers arrive at least two hours prior to the departure of the flight. This is also crucial to follow and check the rules properly when you are checking in to the Flight.

The check in timing for the Airport Check in is 60 minutes.

The check in timing for the Airport is 60 minutes.

The best check-in guidelines for Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines has the following check-in guidelines:

For domestic flights, check-in must be finished at least 45 minutes prior to the planned departure, and for international flights, it must be finished at least 60 minutes beforehand. In the airport, travelers can also check in with a Frontier Airlines representative or at a self-service kiosk.

It is mandatory for every passenger, even those carrying only carry-on luggage, to check in for the flight. It is the responsibility of travelers to make sure they have all required travel documents, such as current passports or visas.  You must have applied the particular tags to the bags while travelling with Frontier Airlines.

Every bag must have an appropriate tag and adhere to Frontier Airlines’ weight and size restrictions. Passengers who break the rules risk not being allowed to board. There are no cancellations or changes permitted for Frontier flights.

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How do I check in for a flight on Frontier?

Frontier Airlines check-in provides a number of simple and practical check-in options. Online, smartphone, airport, and kiosk check-in are a few of the widely used techniques. Online check-in requests can be made by passengers up to 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight. The web portal closes sixty minutes prior to the departure time. To make an online request for Frontier check-in, follow these steps: 

Check in online with Frontier Airlines

Go to the website of Frontier Airlines.

Select “Check-in” from the My Trip menu. 

Put in the Confirmation Code and Last Name.

After completing the information, Press the “SEARCH” button.

Here are your reservations, You can choose to purchase additional luggage, check your bag, upgrade the seats, and more. 

Finish the procedure. 

The boarding pass will be emailed or made available online by the airline. 

The Frontier boarding pass can be downloaded and printed. 

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