What is the cheapest month to fly to Qatar?

Qatar Airways flights booking during the proper season gets you cheap airfares. Airline ticket prices are dynamic so your destination travel demand can affect your flight price and availability.

Every region has peak and off-peak travel seasons. Off peak costs are cheaper than peak fares for our travel needs.

The cheapest months to fly to Qatar are summarized here.

Off peak Season

Qatar has an off-peak season from June to August. This is due to the region high summer temperatures. Due to decreasing airline demand visitors may enjoy lower airfare prices. If you visit Qatar in June July or August expect extreme heat.

Shoulder Seasons

Shoulder season is between peak and off-peak travel. These times have average flight demand making them excellent for visiting Qatar with cheap tickets.

The region shoulder seasons during

  • March to May is spring.
  • September to November is the autumn season.

The temperature is milder and outdoor activities are available throughout these seasons. This makes it the ideal time for tourists to explore the area.

Peak Season

Qatar peak travel season is December February. The region has pleasant weather during this period. Therefore a great time to visit especially for cold weather travellers. Thus winter air travel is peak for Qatar flights. Visit Qatar Airways manage booking option if you want to visit during high season book early.

Festivals and Events

Qatar hosts various annual cultural and sporting events. Thus air travel demand can change near major occasions raising rates. If you want cheap flights schedule your vacation around these periods and pre book your seat. Otherwise costs will be exorbitant.

Other factors affecting your ticket pricing

Time of booking

No matter the month flight booking timing greatly affects price. Prebooking flights guarantees lower costs but last minute flights are pricey.


Flexible travel dates and destinations give passengers more options. You can easily compare flight options for different routes and choose the best one for your needs and budget. 

Weekdays vs. Weekends

Finally weekday flights are cheaper than weekend airfares for obvious reasons. Business flights are scheduled on weekends and midweek travel is less popular.

These are some of the cheapest times to fly to Qatar. If you find a fantastic offer on Qatar Airways prebook your seat and change flight information later using the special manage booking option.

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