What is the Importance of Cooling Tower Float Valves for Better Cooling

Cooling towers are one of the integral parts of industrial and commercial processes that can manage the heat dissipation that will ensure machinery and systems operate efficiently. Any effective cooling tower needs several different parts to operate perfectly, and one of those parts includes the cooling tower float valve which can be a critical part of it.

In this article, we will learn about the significance of cooling tower float valves and how they can be useful in selecting reliable suppliers for cooling tower equipment. 

What are Cooling Tower Float Valves?

You should know about the workings of cooling towers which mainly operate by transferring the heat generated within industrial processes to the environment through evaporation. During this process, water continuously circulates in the cooling tower, then absorbs the extra heat, and after that, it returns to the system for cooling. These float valves are a crucial part of maintaining the proper water level inside the cooling tower and performing its work perfectly. 

Functions of Cooling Tower Float Valves 

Every cooling tower supplier needs to ensure that they are using appropriate float valves because they regulate the water level in the basin or sump of the tower. The main functionality of these float valves is to maintain a consistent and optimal water level due to which the cooling tower can operate in a much better way and more effectively. Following are some more functions that can be useful to maintain the temperature of an industrial process:

  • Control Water Supply

Float valves play an important role in controlling the inflow of water into the cooling tower. It comes into action when the water level goes down the desired setpoint, then these float valves open through which it can add water to the tanker easily and continue the cooling efficiently. 

  • Don’t Overflow

In some cooling towers, you may face a problem of water overflow but to reduce or minimize the chances they can use float valves which can prevent water from overflowing from the sump or basin. As soon as water rises from the setpoint these float valves can restrict or stop the extra water supply in it. 

  • Proper Heat Transfer 

As we know float valves can be used to maintain the correct water level due to this reason cooling tower float valves help to ensure that the process of heat transfer is more efficient and effective. In case it is malfunctioning then it will have an incorrect water level that can reduce the heat transfer efficiency and it may affect the overall cooling performance. 

  • Conserve Water

Water is one of the most precious elements on the planet and it should be used very wisely in the industrial process, we need to be more careful because it can help to cool down the machinery. Appropriate functioning of float valves can help in conserving water that will prevent unnecessary water from overflowing from the cooling tower basin. 


Float valves in cooling towers help to maintain the right water level which will prevent extra damage or corrosion of machinery and cooling tower components. Every cooling tower supplier needs to check all these activities regularly and sell products accordingly.

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