What is the most visited place in Cartagena

Sep18,2023 #Cartagena

Are you the one who is willing to visit Cartagena? Well, then you must be aware of the fact that the place has a lot of historic cities and you can enjoy the faded glory of the place through the glimpses. Cartagena is city where you can enjoy delights of the first time visitors, check out the top places to visit here. Cartagena is city where you will find unexpected delights. The exceptional dining experience of the place offers you unique attractions. There are various things to do here at day and night and they are all worth it.

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Walled city

The walled city of the place is regarded to be a shining star. The stunning architecture of the place, the historical center, the restaurant lined squares and the open spaces are all worth a visit. Since the 2010s, the city has seen various restoration activities and the masterpieces of the place are just amazing. Here you can relax in the courtyards and even enjoy the atmosphere of the bustling streets. The walled city even offers you dine in option in open air. The historic city is a destination for various people and travelers surely want to travel to travel to the place.

Horse Drawn carriage ride

It might be cliché for you, but the horse drawn carriage rides are the most popular things to do here. Here in this city you will find cars to be in larger number than the cars. Empty carriages wont stop for you anywhere in the city and the best places to stop by include the Plaza De Los Coches which is regarded to be the main gate. Moreover, you will even see that the horse carriages line up along one side of the city.

Plazas of Getsemani

Outside the walled city the pleasant neighborhood of Getsemani an be noticed. The area is old and here you can find wood balconies, narrow streets and a lot of alleys. But Getsemani is place that feels residential in nature, it is less touristy and here you can even get the Colombian feel. The street vendors of the place are seen to be selling variety of good foods here, the street performers, the tourists all are seen to have unique stuff here.

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Cathedral Santa Catalina

This is one of the buildings that is most photographed. Cartagena town is amazing particularly at night. You can see the beauty of the streets throughout the city and the if you look into the building sneaking around then you will find that there are some towering arches. Also, the Shady plaza bolivar is something that you ought to see if you are here on a trip.

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