What To Look For AC Tig Welder Machine?

Sep28,2023 #welders #welding

When you are new to the welding profession, getting confused with DC or AC Tig Welder things is challenging. Yeah! Basically, AC and DC are two types of arc welding that determine the polarity of any electrical current in the electrode of any metal. This helps in strengthening the welding capacity.

What Is The Need For AC Tig Welder?
Tig welding is not only for metal welding but also multi-functional within welding of other applications. Generally, welding professionals use these heavy-duty DC/AC Tig Welders. Hobbyists often keep it to handle minor welding and repair tasks at home, in the warehouse, etc.

The Uses of Ac Tig Welding:
Alternating Current Tig Welding (AC) is very productive in welding metals like aluminium within its positive and negative cycles. However, it’s not easy, but it takes time to weld the oxide layer of any metal. Typically, the oxide layer melts with a high temperature of (3200ºF). It takes a shorter arc length to make the welding process more confined and easy.

With this, welding metals like aluminium and magnesium is quite simple. Therefore, it is used in repairing and welding automotive, shipbuilding, pipework, shipyard welding, aerospace applications and more. It is even useful to weld non-ferrous metals and, of course, not steel welding. For steel weld processes, DC tig welder machines are designed.

The Final Verdict:
If you want a perfect AC Tig Welder, scroll for the best ones. Yeah! Keep your needs and budget handy while choosing the right welding gear. In fact, it is crucial to know if you are a hobbyist or a professional welder. To buy any, understand both AC and DC welding.

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