Live 12 brings new ways to explore who you are as a music maker.

Kick-start melodies and rhythms with MIDI Generators, and take them off the beaten track with Transformations. Whip up wild sound experiments and shape the results as you go with Meld, Roar and Granulator III. See everything you need with Stacked Detail Views, find the sample you’re looking for with Sound Similarity Search, and much more Live Making Templates.

Explore the advanced range of expression, standalone portability, and barrier-free Rapid Flow of Push 3 alongside like-minded musicians, producers, and artists at a Try Push event near you.

Learn how to make Push 3 the heart of your setup with its built-in audio interface, streamline the creative process with its intuitive layout and focused controls, and play your old gear in a new way thanks to the instrument’s expressive MPE-enabled pads.

Ableton product specialists will be on hand to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer tips and tricks to help you develop your own distinctive playing style. To find out how and where to take part.

Join Ableton product specialists at these events to get answers to your questions, valuable guidance, and tips to develop your unique playing style. Use keywords like “learn AbletonAbleton Masterclass, Ableton Template, Producing in Ableton, Make music with Ableton” to find and participate in these exciting events. Your musical journey is waiting—seize the chance to redefine your sound and connect with a vibrant community of passionate creators.

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