When was My Singing Monsters first created?

My Singing Monsters is one of the most unique, engaging mobile games of the past decade. The innovative monster breeding and music creation concept has captured the hearts of millions of players. But when did this smash hit first burst onto the scene?

In this post, let’s take a nostalgic trip back in time to explore the origins of My Singing Monsters. Learning the history provides insight into how this indie game came to achieve such massive popularity worldwide.

The Initial Concept Phase

My Singing Monsters was first conceived in 2011 by Canadian video game developer Big Blue Bubble. Their goal was to create a fresh new mobile game revolving around music and collection.

Some initial ideas that took shape:

  • Monsters would be the main characters
  • Each monster would sing different parts of a song
  • Players would breed monsters to fill out the arrangements
  • Islands provided the world to house the monsters

The core DNA of My Singing Monsters was born from these early creative brainstorms. Now it just needed to be brought to life…

Building the Game (2012)

With the guiding vision in place, Big Blue Bubble began actively developing My Singing Monsters throughout 2012.

Key developments included:

  • Concept art for the monster characters
  • Programming the breeding and leveling systems
  • Coding the rhythmic gameplay engine
  • Designing the island maps and UI visuals
  • Composing the background music tracks

It took many iterations to get the balance of elements right.

Launching Worldwide (2012)

After months of passionate development, My Singing Monsters was finally ready for the world to experience. It launched simultaneously on iOS and Android mobile platforms in November 2012.

The initial release included these core features:

  • Plant and Cold Islands
  • A starter roster of 13 unique monsters
  • Basic breeding, feeding and leveling systems
  • Primitive decoration crafting
  • Main menu and options interfaces

It provided the framework to hook players, while allowing future growth.

Gaining Traction and Building Updates

Though initially overlooked, My Singing Monsters slowly gained traction through 2013 via word of mouth. Big Blue Bubble remained dedicated, gradually improving the game with new content and features.

This involved adding:

  • More island environments like Air and Water
  • Additional monster species to collect
  • Special limited-time events and promotions
  • Expanded decoration options
  • The StarShop monster market

These steady iterations led to My Singing Monsters finally exploding in popularity starting in 2014. It was on its way to becoming the massive hit it remains today, thanks to the developers’ commitment.


Looking back, it’s fascinating to see how My Singing Monsters evolved from concept to worldwide phenomenon. The creators at Big Blue Bubble brought their imaginative idea to life, iterated based on player feedback, and nurtured the game into a beloved and lasting mobile experience. Over a decade later, fans still can’t get enough. Here’s to many more years of breeding colorful musical monsters!


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