Why Do You Choose AAC Block Jointing Mortar?

AAC Block Joint Mortar is a grey powder it’s a collection of chemical bonding, synthetic resins, and Special bonding. It’s an easy product with high cement powder and low gumminess. AAC Joint Mortar is a Paste used to attach the AAC Blocks together and fill up the gaps in between the AAC Blocks. The Joint Mortar is properly focused to provide strength and fix to the walls made from AAC Blocks and other Building Materials. Most People are using this material for strengthening our walls using AAC Blocks and different Bricks.


Advantages of AAC Joint Mortar:

Speed Construction:  AAC Joint Mortar is a ready mix material that is fast to attach and easy to use. it’s a low-cost-effective product. In addition, Water is required for ready mix joining at a speed building process. The raw materials must be in comparative quantity and mixed carefully so the right proportion is avoided.

Thermal Insulation: AAC Block jointing mortar is improving the Heat Protection of AAC blocks. In the other AAC Joint mortars, the construction acts like a barrier, improving thermal insulation and fire resistance.

No Curing: AAC Jointing Mortar is an easy and ready-to-use, and self-curing product. In addition, our Joint Mortar has secured high strength, mixed with clean water to make a mixture to rest for 3-5 Minutes.

Compressive & Adhesive Strength: Block Joint Mortar gives excellent bonding and is crack free. The average strength of block jointing mortar is >5N/mm which makes it highly compressive. It has exceptional fixing properties, and no crack is observed on buildings.

No Wastage:  Jointing Mortar is known for smooth application. The use of joint mortar in the mixing process is hassle-free and keeps the construction site very neat and clean. In the use of  Cement mortar produces 30% of wastage during his construction time and the site is dirty.

Conclusion:  Hence these are the advantages of AAC Block Jointing Mortar that might help you to build strong buildings. The engineers must use a Jointing Mortar for Superior Quality and Cost-effective. Jointing Mortar has so many advantages. It’s an engineer’s choice to build for construction Projects.


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