Why is the Use of Herbst Device Not an Easy Task?

The way orthodontic treatments have been evolving is quite impressive. The use of devices, methods, and treatment procedures makes modern orthodontic treatments more efficient. One of the most popular appliances is Herbst appliance orthodontics. This device is popular for correcting jaw alignment and certain bite problems. However, using this device is not an easy task for everyone. Orthodontists and lab specialists learn how to use it correctly only after experience and practice. This device is considered a difficult one to use because of a few reasons.

Complicated Design:

Herbst appliances contain a few metal components that get adjusted according to the patient’s requirements. These are attached to the molars. However, it takes more effort to fix this device. Many times, inexperienced orthodontists even make mistakes while doing so. Such circumstances make the patient suffer a lot. By this, you can determine how complicated it is to handle this device and use it correctly.

Timely Adjustments:

Herbst devices need to be adjusted over the period. These time-to-time adjustments help the patient get the desired jaw shape and line. However, orthodontists have to be extremely careful of how much they need to move the Herbst device at a time. But if they do not conduct this procedure correctly, the patient might get uncomfortable and experience severe pain. Only experienced and skilled orthodontists can conduct these adjustments. This part of the process is extremely complex and makes the use of this device more difficult.

Keeping Track of Treatment:

Orthodontists can provide many useful treatments to their patients. However, there are a few treatments that even make orthodontists nervous. Treatment with the use of Herbst appliance is one such treatment. Normally, this treatment lasts for a longer time compared to ortho procedures. As a result, orthodontists have to be extra careful as they need to pay attention to the complete treatment history. Even the slightest negligence can make the procedure more difficult for the patient. Therefore, the use of Herbst appliances is considered a task only for professional orthodontists.

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