You Don’t *Have* To Be Friends With Your Ex(es)


So quite a few of us set ourselves underneath strain to attempt and be good friends with an ex. And, of course, sometimes we force our ex into trying to be friends with us. In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I describe why forcing ourselves or many others to be pals soon after a separation is disingenuous, destructive to our perfectly-currently being, and can even effect our availability for subsequent interactions.

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5 important subject areas in this episode

  • Becoming mates with an ex simply because it is a real friendship is good. Being pals with an ex mainly because we have a concealed agenda of secretly auditioning for our outdated role in the hope they’ll see how wonderful we are and regret being damaged up, not so terrific.
  • When we say indeed to staying pals with our ex since we’re worried of what will take place if and when we say no, we’re signing up for pain. We panic incurring their wrath, judgement, or even becoming judged by other individuals. An inauthentic sure potential customers to considerably much more problems than if we’d stated no in the 1st place.
  • Friendship is a connection involving close friends. Buddies don’t consider to screw you, screw with your head, or screw you about. And after you cross the friendship threshold into romance, it usually takes distance and balanced boundaries prior to a friendship can be restored, if at all. 
  • We really don’t have to switch each romantic marriage into a friendship to justify acquiring invested ourselves. It is a sunk price tag. Dating or remaining in a relationship was what it took to be associated. The ship has sailed. We have to have to stop making an attempt to get a “return on financial commitment.”
  • Have been you mates ahead of you turned romantically included?  Even if you ended up pals, did you (or they) have passionate emotions? If you weren’t mates just before staying romantically concerned, have been you authentic buddies as well as lovers? Be trustworthy about whether or not you are or were certainly good friends.

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