Are you looking to know Woocommerce Pricing for building your eCommerce website budget? 

If yes, then below we have mentioned the total woocommerce pricing budget you should have while creating an attractive eCommerce website for your business. Before starting a WooCoomerce store it is important to know the woocommerce pricing that you have to invest.  WooCoomerce and WordPress both are free but to host a WooCoomerce store you have to buy domain name and hosting. 

Like domain name and hosting there are other premium tools cost which can be added into your wocommerce pricing budget. Generally, the WooCoomerce pricing varies depending on the type of plugins and theme you integrate into your website. There are some hidden costs that you have to pay while building your e-commerce website. 

People prefer to use WooCoomerce because all the costing can be controlled by you which means if you don’t want to keep any premium plan then you can simply discard it. In this article, we have disclosed almost every cost that you have to pay before and after building your WooCoomerce store. 

5 Different Woocommerce Pricing

1. WooCoomerce Website Hosting

WooCoomerce is one of the popular eCommerce plugins that run on the WordPress website. If you want to create & run a WooCoomerce store then you need to have a hosted WordPress website, which means you need to buy hosting for your eCommerce website. 

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In WordPress, you can find some recommendations for hosting service providers like SiteGround, BlueHost, and Pressable. These hosting providers have a really good reputation in the market that’s why WordPress also recommends them. 

For an early-stage WooCoomerce website, these hosts provide excellent features and will cost you between $3 to $7 (depending on the plan you select). However, if you are looking to migrate your eCommerce website or want to start a large scale website then we recommend selecting a specific hosting provider for WooCoomerce.  

Today, Buying hosting is not a difficult job whereas selecting the proper hosting provider requires some time & knowledge. With the increase in the number of hosting service providers, it has become difficult for a newbie to select a proper hosting provider. That’s why we have written a blog that tells about hosting providers specifically specialized in providing hosting services for WooCoomerce.  

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For an early-stage website, we recommend selecting shared hosting or cloud hosting that will cost you around $3 to $15/month. If you want to start a large scale eCommerce website then we suggest you go for dedicated hosting ($70 to $ 800/month). Dedicated hosting is a bit costly compared to shared hosting. 

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