Checklist: Is Your Website ADA Accessible?

Making sure your website is accessible to those with disabilities is important, and ensuring your website adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can help you achieve more accessible webpages. Here is a checklist of things to consider when building your website to be ADA compliant.

Assistive Technology

  • Are assistive technologies like screen readers compatible?
  • Are keyboard commands, like Tab, Shift+Tab, and Enter, enabled to navigate through the website?
  • Are descriptive attributes like aria-label, alt text, and aria-describedby present?

Color Contrasts

  • Are there sufficient color contrasts between text and background elements?
  • Can users adjust the text size and contrast features?
  • Are there any animated sections that may cause confusion when interacting?

Page Content

  • Is the page content presented clearly and logically?
  • Are headers used to create a proper hierarchy?
  • Do headings provide enough context to understand the content below it?
  • Are lists and tables used for easy navigation of content?
  • Are internal and external links clearly defined?

Making sure your website is ADA accessible can help you reach a wider audience. As you consider these questions and adjust your website accordingly, you can ensure more users have a positive experience on your website regardless of ability.

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