How does help desk ticketing system work? Learn about how agents operate in the Faveo Helpdesk, what Teams and Departments do, and how they differ?

What is help desk ticketing system and how it works?

A help desk ticketing system is a process where help desk agents register and process customer requests, providing products or services in order to resolve issues or address inquiries. Help desk ticketing systems are often used in customer service departments, or any department that receives inquiries from customers for support.

Faveo Helpdesk

Faveo Helpdesk system is a help desk ticketing and customer service solution that offers you the means to streamline customer support. It provides customers the information they need in order to effectively manage customer requests and resolve issues.


Agents in Faveo help desk system are responsible for registering and processing tickets, as well as providing customer care. Agents are expected to handle customer inquiries in an efficient and timely manner, as well as promptly update the ticketing system with any relevant customer and issue data.

Teams and Departments

Faveo Helpdesk system allows agents to be organized into teams and departments, so that the customer service department can be better managed and all inquiries can be answered quickly and efficiently. Teams and departments help filter customer inquiries, ensuring that the most qualified agents are handling specific customer issues.

Differences between Teams and Departments

  • Teams – Teams in the Faveo Helpdesk system refers to agent groups, which can be used to distinguish agents with different roles or abilities. Teams are often used in customer service departments to separate groups of customer service agents.
  • Departments – Departments refer to the customer services that the agents provide. Departments can be used to define customer services, such as product support, customer service, sales, etc.


Help desk ticketing systems are an essential part of a successful customer service department, providing customers with the information they need in order to make the most of customer service and quickly resolve issues. Faveo Helpdesk provides agents with the means to effectively manage customer inquiries, organize customer service teams and departments, and quickly answer customer inquiries.

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