Matexcel Provides Package Testing Services for Broad Range of Industries

Matexcel, a biotechnology company that provides professional analyzing, testing, and certification services to support the quality, performance, regulatory compliance, safety, and other requirements for products, components and raw materials, now performs testing on package parts from a broad range of industries.


Package testing is an important aspect of the industrial packaging business. Product packaging must be tough and resistant to the harsh challenges of various transportation conditions, while remaining safe and convenient for end users. Package testing refers to a variety of tests designed to validate the performance of product packages. It entails measuring a feature or property of packaging materials, packaging components, primary packages, shipping containers, and so on.


Package testing can be done at various stages of the production cycle, such as before a new product launch, during packaging redesign, or when a customer requests it. Simulating real-world conditions that a package might encounter during its journey through the supply chain is a common testing practice.


As regulations change and technology is innovated, Matexcel is prepared to update its knowledge and industry expertise to meet evolving demands.


Climate conditions (such as extreme temperatures and temperature variations), compression, rotary vibration, random vibration, incline impact ramp, mechanical shock, and free fall drop, reduced pressure or vacuum are among the package testing items offered by Matexcel. Packaging must be able to withstand a series of tests while maintaining the product’s integrity and performance.


A variety of factors will be considered at Matexcel to determine which tests are appropriate for customers’ package system, including regulatory requirements, applicable standard(s) or test procedures, transport mode, type of product in the container, container dimension, and container composition.


Based on the information on Matexcel’s official website, they provide testing on package parts for various industries including food, chemical, transportation, agriculture, power, medical, airspace, military, and electronics.


More information about the package testing service at Matexcel can be viewed here:

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