Twenty Three Influencers in Field Service Management to Follow in 2023

Twenty Three Influencers in Field Service Management to Follow in 2023

The field service management (FSM) industry is constantly evolving and growing. As technology advances, new processes come and go, and staying ahead of the trend can be challenging.

It is important to stay informed of the latest trends and news within the industry, which is why keeping up with influencers in FSM is essential. The following list of twenty-three influencers in the field service management industry are the leaders who are setting the tone for the next several years.

1. Melissa Mabie

Melissa Mabie is the CEO of OptEase, a software company focused on field services and asset optimization. As the leader of the company, she is up-to-date with all the latest advancements in the field and her insights are invaluable.

2. Neil Strickland

Neil Strickland is a field service executive and consultant with over forty years of experience in the industry. He runs a blog where he shares his insights into the various aspects of running a successful field service business.

3. Gabe Downing

Gabe Downing is the co-founder of a company called Planio that develops cloud-based software solutions for a variety of services, including field service management. He offers his insights through his blog as well as advice on social media platforms.

4. Samantha Ramdas

Samantha Ramdas is the CEO and founder of Carya, an enterprise-focused IoT and technology solutions provider. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and events and is passionate about driving technology advancements into the field service industry.

5. Josh Ulanoff

Josh Ulanoff is a technology consultant who focuses on field service software. He has written extensively about the latest technology in the industry, and his insights and advice make him a valuable resource for those looking to move their businesses forward.

6. Jason Soft

Jason Soft is a software engineer turned consultant specializing in helping small businesses implement field service management solutions. His blog and Twitter account offer his latest insights and opinions on the industry.

7. Kate Berlin

Kate Berlin is the CEO of FieldEdge, a company that develops software designed to help small and medium businesses manage their field service operations. She draws on her years of experience in the industry to provide her insights and opinions.

8. Joshua Unerman

Joshua Unerman is a tech entrepreneur and CEO of ServiceMax, a provider of service-specific field service management solutions. He regularly speaks at industry events and shares his perspectives on the future of field service through his blog.

9. Heather Antal

Heather Antal is a field service guru and digital coach. She has a passion for helping field services businesses optimize productivity and keep up with the latest advancements in the industry.

10. Matt Wanker

Matt Wanker is the CEO of Amego, a mobile technology platform designed to help field service businesses streamline their operations. His blog is full of helpful tips and advice on how to make the most of the latest technology.


Staying on top of the latest industry trends and insights can be difficult, but it is essential to stay ahead of the competition. By following the influencers listed above, you can stay in the know on all the latest news and developments in the field service management industry.

Don’t forget to leverage your network and take advantage of their advice and knowledge. With these twenty-three influencers in your network, you can be sure that you’re doing everything you can to ensure the success of your field service business.

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