Infidelity can shake any relationship to its core. But when a narcissistic mate cheats, it frequently leaves their partner fully blindsided and devastated. Narcissists tend to have a strong sense of annuity and lack empathy. This poisonous combination makes them prioritize their solicitations above their commitment to their marriage. Let’s explore why do Narcissists cheat.

Lack of Empathy

One of the emblems of narcissistic personality complaints is a lack of empathy. Narcissists struggle to put themselves in their mate’s shoes. Their solicitations and impulses take precedence over any compassion for their partner’s passions. 

They simply do not suppose how their infidelity might traumatize or emotionally devastate their mate. They warrant the empathy to understand just how deeply this treason can wound. 

Sense of Entitlement

Narcissists feel entitled to pursue their wants and needs regardless of the consequences. They tend to see their partners more as objects meant to serve them than as real people with their rights and feelings.

This mentality of deserving whatever they desire leads narcissists to feel they have the right to seek satisfaction outside of the relationship. In their minds, their gratification takes precedence over honoring any commitment.


Narcissists think they are better than their husband or wife. They think they are smarter and more important. They act like they are in charge. They don’t see that they do bad things too. They get mad at their husband or wife for little things. But they think it’s okay when they do the same bad things.

Narcissists feel like they can tell their husband or wife what to do. They feel like they make the rules. But they don’t follow the rules themselves. Narcissists are blind to their own mistakes. They focus on what their husband or wife does wrong. They ignore what they do wrong. 

Addiction to Excitement

Some narcissists need a lot of excitement. They get bored easily. They look for new and fun things to do. Having an affair can be exciting for them. It’s something new and secretive. Having an affair gives them thrills. It makes them feel important. They like keeping secrets from their husband or wife. It’s like a game to them.

The exciting feelings they get from cheating become addictive. They keep chasing those good feelings over and over. So they cheat again and again with new people. The secret affairs give narcissists a rush. It makes them feel powerful and clever for fooling their husband or wife. They crave that high feeling. So they cheat no matter how much it hurts their husband or wife.

Revenge or Retaliation

In some cases, a narcissist’s affair is driven by a desire for revenge against their spouse. They may feel insecure about their partner’s independence or success. Or they may harbor resentment over perceived slights and rejections.

An affair becomes a way to retaliate and put their partner in their place. They aim to provoke jealousy and emotional injury by flaunting their new relationship. It’s a way to retaliate against wounds to their ego.

Coping with Infidelity

If you are struggling to cope with a narcissistic partner’s affair, it’s important to realize their actions stem from inner instability rather than any flaw in yourself. You cannot control their choices. But you can control how you respond and begin to heal. 

Talk to a helper, like a special listener, a helpful group, or a kind buddy, if you need help. It’s okay to want understanding, not people saying what’s good or bad. If you must, take a break to think about the hard stuff and stop tricky people from bothering you.

Do things that make your body feel good, or talk to friends to help your brain feel calm. Remember how important and special you are by doing things that show love to yourself. Decide what’s okay and not okay for how people treat you so you feel safe in the future.


Why do narcissists cheat? In the end, narcissists cheat because they lack empathy and feed off validation. Their sense of entitlement convinces them their desires should take priority. They crave excitement, revenge, and narcissistic supply to boost their ego against inner insecurities.

Seeking support, setting boundaries, and making self-care a priority can help you recover when plagued by a narcissist’s infidelity. You have the power to protect your heart and move forward.

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