The novel is a different definition of literature and the creation of a writer. Creating your own life story book is such a satisfying endeavor. If you are a novel writer and want a different perspective to proofread and point out your silly mistakes, you should go for the book proofreading services like ThatsHowItWas.Org.

However, people still have some doubts: Should they go for free proofreading tools or any novel proofreading services? Before any further debate, let’s have a brief overview of them.

Free Proofreading Tools Vs. Any Novel Proofreading Services


Free Proofreading Tool

Novel Proofreading Service


Typically, free of charge

Paid service, costs may vary


Limited in-depth analysis, may miss nuanced errors

Professional proofreaders provide thorough review


Quick turnaround time for automated checks

Longer turnaround time for human review


Limited ability to tailor to specific writing styles

Offers personalized feedback and suggestions

Human Touch

Lacks human intuition and understanding

Involves human proofreaders with expertise

Feedback Quality

Provides basic grammar and spelling corrections

Offers detailed feedback on structure, style, and content

Understanding Context

Limited understanding of context and tone

Professional proofreaders consider context and maintain author’s voice


Consistent in application of rules

Consistency maintained with respect to the manuscript’s style and guidelines

Support for Various Genres

May not cater to specific writing genres

Tailored services for different genres and writing styles

Security and Privacy

May raise concerns about data privacy

Professional services often prioritize confidentiality

Learning Curve

User-friendly and easy for basic proofreading

May require learning curve for using specific services and platforms

Pros & Cons of Using Free Proofreading Tools for Novel


  • Cost-Effective:
    Free proofreading tools are, as the name suggests, free to use. This makes them a cost-effective option for writers on a tight budget.
  • Quick Results:
    These tools can quickly analyze your text and provide suggestions for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. This can save time compared to manual book proofreading.
  • Automated Suggestions:
    They offer automated suggestions for improvements in sentence structure, word choice, and overall readability.
  • Consistency:
    These tools can help ensure consistency in spelling and grammar throughout your novel.
  • Accessibility:
    Free proofreading tools are usually available online, making them accessible from various devices and locations.


  • Limited Accuracy:
    Free tools may not catch all errors, and they might generate false positives or miss nuanced issues that a human editor would catch.
  • Lack of Context Understanding:
    They may not fully understand the context of your novel, leading to incorrect suggestions or overlooking stylistic choices that are intentional.
  • No Creativity or Judgment:
    Automated tools lack the creativity and judgment of a human editor. They can’t offer insights into plot holes, character development, or overall story structure.
  • Privacy Concerns:
    When using online tools, there may be privacy concerns if you’re uploading your entire novel, as it might be stored or analyzed by the service provider.

Pros & Cons of Using Book Proofreading Services for Novel


  • High-Quality Proofreading:
    Professional proofreaders are skilled in identifying and correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors, ensuring a high level of accuracy in your novel.
  • Contextual Understanding:
    Human proofreaders can better understand the context of your novel, considering nuances, tone, and stylistic choices that automated tools may miss.
  • In-Depth Feedback:
    Professional proofreading services often provide detailed feedback on your writing, offering suggestions for improving overall clarity, coherence, and style.
  • Critical Analysis:
    Beyond technical aspects, human proofreaders can offer critical analysis of your novel, providing insights into plot holes, character development, pacing, and other elements crucial to storytelling.
  • Customization:
    Book proofreading services can tailor their approach to your specific writing style, genre, and preferences, ensuring that your unique voice is preserved.
  • Learning Opportunity:
    Working with a professional proofreader provides an excellent opportunity for writers to learn and improve their skills by understanding the reasons behind suggested changes.
  • Time Savings:
    While the proofreading process may take some time, outsourcing the proofreading task allows you to focus on other aspects of writing or publishing.


  • Cost:
    Professional proofreading services come with a cost, and rates can vary depending on the provider, the length of your novel, and the level of editing required.
  • Turnaround Time:
    Depending on the workload of the proofreading service, the turnaround time for your edited manuscript may vary. If you’re on a tight schedule, this could be a potential drawback.
  • Finding the Right Proofreading:
    The process of finding a reliable and skilled proofreader can be time-consuming. Not all proofreaders may be a good fit for your writing style or genre.


With the above comparison, it’s clear that there are certain pros and cons for either of them.

For example, if you’re choosing a free novel proofreading tool (such as Grammarly, Pro Writing Aid, etc.), the pros will be quick turnaround time and no cost or low-cost service. But if we look over the cons, you may find that it can’t really understand the context deeply or do it better than a human proofreading service.

Well, as a professional writer, I would prefer to go with a human book proofreading service. It’s true that they won’t be able to catch grammatical and spelling errors accurately as much as an AI tool can. But a hybrid approach can make the cut.

It would be best if you go with the most reputed novel or book proofreading service like to get your things done. They offer proofreading from experts at a highly affordable cost. To learn more, you can directly visit their site to contact them.

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