21 Clear Signs You are in a Friend Zone


How will you understand the signs you are in the friend zone or your crush likes you? We all have been there with that person where we find it hard to understand.

This blog post will help you get an answer.

What is a friend zone?

It is that phase where you are more than a friend but not a girlfriend/boyfriend.

I have had this weird experience in the past as well during my college days. When I had a friend who was more than a friend to me, but unfortunately, both weren’t on the same page, and we have grown apart from each other eventually.

It’s a bit hurtful to lose a good friend. But it becomes embarrassing when you don’t understand the clear signs you are in a friend zone.

Friend zoning is a phenomenon that occurs when one friend tries to turn the other into a platonic friend. When you’re in the friend zone, you’re not just friends with benefits, you’re just friends.

If you can learn the signs from the beginning, you won’t need to feel embarrassed, neither your friendship will get hampered.

This list of clear signs will help you figure out if you’re in a friend zone and how to get out.

He Tells You About the Girl He Likes

Certainly, you are in a friend zone when he tells you or shares with you about the girl he likes. He considers you his good friend, and that makes him tell you about his crush.

This is one of the most precise and clear signs that tell you are in a friend zone, and I think after this, you shouldn’t even disclose what’s in your heart.

clear signs you are in a friend zone

He Calls You Anytime He Want, Just for a Chat

If he likes you and has a crush on you, you won’t call/message you anytime. He will be shy or resistant to call you.

Usually, when you are friends with your crush, you wouldn’t just call to chat randomly. You will be careful enough to what to say and what not to make an impression.

But if they think you are just a ‘friend’, you wouldn’t care so much. He will call you even at midnight and ask for a favor. That’s what friends do, right?


He Hugs You, Pat You & Even Teases You

Sometimes it gets a little confusing if he/she hugs you in front of friends. Hugging is a common thing among friends, but when your crush hugs you, it does feel different.

You will know the difference in the way he hugs and pats. Of course, if he likes you more than a friend, he will never tease you in front of others.

So, this is also a clear sign that tells you are in a friend zone.

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He Supports You No Matter What

Indeed, partners support each other, so do good friends. To get a clear picture if he likes you or not, you have to understand the nature of support.

For example, if you are in trouble before the exam, he will come over to help you in academics.

If he needs a favor to cover up something wicked from his parents, he will call you because he trusts you, not because you are his crush but because you are his most trustable friend.


He Loves Coming to Your House

He clearly sees you as not more than a friend because he is way too comfortable coming to your house and meeting your parents.

Usually, if he/she considers you as his crush or happens to love/like you, he won’t just come to your house and comfortable meeting your parents.

He Says You Aren’t His Type

It is also one clear sign that tells you are in a friend zone; if he ever mentions that ‘you aren’t my type.’

I don’t understand when people say ‘not my type.’ What’s does a person has to do with a ‘type.’ I guess they mean the common personality or compatibility.

If that’s so, then my husband and I are the perfect matches.

He Gives You Gifts on Friendship day

What sign do you need to understand that you are in a friend zone?

If he gives you a gift on friendship day, you are certainly more than a friend, but there is 1% doubt if he has a crush on you.

friendship day

No Physical Intimacy Whatsoever

Friends don’t share physical intimacy. So, it’s pretty basic that he doesn’t show any interest in physical intimacy and respects you dearly. Indeed, you are in a friend zone.

He may hug you, hold your hand, or put his arm on your shoulder, but that doesn’t define physical intimacy. It purely shows that he thinks you are his dear friend.

He Loves Hanging Out with You, but It’s Not a Date

He will meet you and hang out with you frequently. He will dine with you at a fine restaurant. But that won’t be a date because you are only his good friend and you are in a friend zone.

clear signs you are in a friend zone

Introduces You as a Friend to Others

He will introduce you as a ‘good friend’ to his friends and other people. Even if you like him or see him more than a friend but unfortunately, he doesn’t.

He is too Comfortable Around You

Just like you get too comfortable around your friend, literally, you can talk about anything without thinking twice.

Likewise, if he is too comfortable around you and do not shy away from you at all in saying anything, it’s a clear sign you are in a friend zone.


He Never Tries to Impress You

Do you ever try to impress your friend?

Of course, you don’t. There is no need to impress our friends because friendship comes spontaneously. You can be ‘you’ in front of your friend.

But when we like someone, we tend to hide our bad habits and try to outperform in every respect to impress that person. It’s a natural human tendency, and I think there is no harm in doing that.

So, to understand if you are in a friend zone or not, you have to evaluate him and observe keenly.

He Shares His Awkward Secrets with You

Everyone has secrets that we aren’t proud of, and we feel awkward sharing them with anyone. But there is always a friend with whom we can share any random thing. He/she won’t mind at all because of the bonding of friendship.

Likewise, if you see he is way too comfortable in sharing his weird secrets with you, it’s clear that he considers you his very good friend indeed.

Generally, if you like someone and want to make an impression, you wouldn’t share your dirty secrets.


He Makes You Date His Friend

If he convinces you to date one of his friends because his friend happens to like you, then definitely, it’s proof that you are in a friend zone.

I know it’s hard to realize that he doesn’t respond to your signals instead of trying to make you date his friend.

He Will Flirt with You Casually

This is a very common thing that he may do with you. Flirting is good as long as he isn’t crossing the line, and it’s healthy.

Many of my friends used to flirt with me as well during my college days. It’s friendly and absolutely not at all derogatory.

If he does the same with you, he certainly likes to have fun and tease you.

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He calls You by Funny Names

He might have given you a nickname or a name that he calls you with. Usually, it is common among friends to have a nickname like my friends used to call me by ‘polo.’

This is typically a friend’s thing to do; if he has a crush on you, he won’t bother to call you by any nickname whatsoever.

He Loves You More Than Just a Friend But Not a Girlfriend

If he is way too comfortable around you, calls you at any time, trusts you more than any friend of his, and cares for you; definitely it means he loves you more than just a friend.

But, if he doesn’t respond to your moves and decline respectfully, that means you are in a friend zone.

He Won’t Get Jealous When You Flirt with Another

Why would he get jealous if he doesn’t see you as his ‘would-be girlfriend?’

If you see that he cares the least when you flirt with another person, you should get a clear signal that you are in a friend zone and you have no luck in becoming his girlfriend.

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You make a Move, He won’t Respond

He will understand the gesture when you make a move towards him. But if he respectfully moves away or doesn’t respond, you shouldn’t nudge him anymore as it is his way to tell you that you have been in a friend zone.

He shows no jealousy or possessiveness

Well, when someone has romantic feelings for another person, they tend to feel more protective and territorial over them. They don’t want anyone else to have them because they see themselves as the only option.

On the other hand, if someone sees you only as a friend, then they won’t have these intense emotions towards you. If he hasn’t expressed any interest in taking things further or shown any signs of wanting exclusivity, then it’s possible that he only wants friendship from you.

Of course, we cannot generalize situations based on this single behavioral trait because everyone’s personality differs from one another.

No Future-oriented Conversations

In relationships, discussing plans for what comes next can inspire excitement and motivation for growth together. It also signifies that both individuals are prepared to walk towards their goals as partners rather than simply existing as friends.

When a guy is interested in you romantically, he should naturally bring up topics like marriage, kids, living arrangements etc., at least once in awhile. If your conversations revolve around general and surface-level topics without any hints of long-term plans together; then it’s very possible that you’re stuck deep inside the “friend zone”.

What to Do If You Have Been Friendzone?

Accept Her/His Choice

You must accept and respect that person’s choice. He/she isn’t liable to like you or love you forcefully. If he/she communicates and lets you know their choice, be respectful to that and continue your friendship.

If you feel it’s hard for you to deal with one-sided love, you can always move ahead with your life in other ways.

Don’t Break the Friendship

I have faced such a situation in the past where due to lack of effective communication and inability to accept rejection, I chose to break the friendship.

From my experience, I can say it’s not a wise thing to do.

Be clear with your intentions and act accordingly. Be respectful to your friendship because it is also a valuable relationship for life.


Have Mutual Understanding

If you have a crush on someone who is a close friend of yours, it’s okay to like but have a mutual understanding where both can communicate about each other’s thoughts freely.

Even though you get a clear sign that you are in a friend zone, accept that casually. Do not take it otherwise. May be you have someone else waiting for you somewhere who is a better match for you.


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